Allies NCHRC is proud to have worked with the following people and organizations: Pitt County Sheriff• Waynesville Police• Fayetteville Police• Carrboro Police• CCNC • Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC • Chicago Recovery Alliance, IL • Waynesville Police Department, Waynesville, NC • AIDS United, Washington DC • John Locke Foundation, Raleigh, NC • Warren Wilson, Swannonoa, NC • Catalyst Community Church, Fayetteville, NC • Asheville Recovery Services, Asheville, NC • Crossroads, Asheville, Greensboro and Weaverville, NC • CRC Health, Asheville, NC • Haywood County Sheriff, NC • Genentech/Roche, USA • North Carolina Substance Abuse Federation, Raleigh, NC • North Carolina Replublican and Democratic Parties, Raleigh, NC • John Locke Foundation, Raleigh, NC • American Future Foundation, Raleigh, NC • Concord Police Department, Concord, NC • American Social Health Association, USA • Project Lazarus, Wilks County, NC • NC Justice Center, Raleigh, NC • Wilmington Police Department, Wilmington, NC • Olive Vine Ministries, Hickory, NC • Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Durham, NC • 2nd Chances Coalition • Drug Policy Alliance, San Francisco and New York City • NC Equality, Raleigh, NC • MCC-St. Johns, Raleigh, NC • Winston Salem Police Department, Winston-Salem, NC • Broadway Cares/Equity Fund, New York City, NY • Atlanta Harm Reduction Center, Atlanta, GA • North Carolina AIDS Action Network, Statewide, NC • VOCAL, Brooklyn, NY • Duke, Durham, NC • University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC • Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, Durham, NC • Miss North Carolina, Winston Salem, NC • Durham Together for Resilient Youth, Durham, NC • Wellness City, Durham, NC • Partners in Health Management of Cumberland Co., Fayetteville, NC • Carolina Outreach, Durham, NC • Asheville Sex Worker Outreach Project, Asheville, NC • Kannapolis Police Department, Kannapolis, NC • Be Better Studios, Portsmouth, NH • Hook, New York City, NY • Washington Heights Corner Project, New York City, NY • National Medical Association • Hepatitis Community Voice, NC • MAHEC, Asheville, NC • Student Farm Worker Alliance, Durham, NC • NC Syringe Access, Greensboro, NC • Urban Ministries, Durham, NC • Bob Scott, Former Macon County Police Sheriff, Franklin, NC • Old North State Medical Society, Durham, NC • Addiction Recovery Care Association (ARCA), Winston Salem, NC • Asociación de Mexicanos en Carolina del Nort, Greenville, NC • Student Action with Farmworkers, Durham, NC • Sex Workers Without Borders, Raleigh, NC • Human Rights Watch, New York City, NY • Triangle Health Collective, Durham, NC • Hook, Greensboro, NC and New York City, NY • HIPS, Washington DC • Congregational Nurse Program, Greensboro, NC • Women With A Vision, New Orleans, LO • Positive Health Project, New York City, NY • Coyote, Los Angeles, CA • AIDS Care Services, Winston Salem, NC • Partnership to End AIDS Status Incorporated (PEAS Inc.), Memphis, TN • Graybird Foundation, USA • Durham Center, Durham, NC • Twin City Harm Reduction, High Point & Winston Salem, NC • Guilford Community AIDS Partnership, Greensboro, NC • Piedmont Health Services, NC • Guilford Center, Greensboro, NC • Piedmont Healthcare Consortium, Durham, NC • Counting Crows, USA • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Medford, MA • Needle Exchange of Asheville, Asheville, NC • Partnership for a Healthy Durham, Durham, NC • University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Greensboro • Swain Recovery Center, Black Mountain, NC • Duke AIDS Legal Project, Durham, NC • RAIN, Charlotte, NC • Red Umbrella Project, NYC, NY • North Carolina Health Access Coalition, Raleigh, NC • AIDS Leadership Foothills Area Alliance, Hickory, NC • Rainbow Community Cares, Cary, NC • Alliance of AIDS Services, Durham, NC • Women With A Vision, NO, LA • Advancing Life, Fighting AIDS, Hickory, NC • Harm Reduction Coalition, New York City, NY • Chapel and Carrboro Human Rights Center, Carrboro, NC • Carolinas Care Partnership, Durham, NC • Duke Partners in Caring, Durham, NC • Student Action with Farmworkers, Durham, NC • Chatham Social Health Council, Siler City, NC • Trystereo, New Orleans, LO • Lowland Harm Reduction, N. Charleston, SC • North Charleston Police Department, N. Charleston, SC • Baltimore Student Harm Reduction, Baltimore, MD •Macon Overdose Prevention, Franklin, NC • Full Circle Recovery, Franklin, NC • Brunswick County Sheriff, Bolivia, NC • Town of Boiling Spring Lakes PD, NC • Leland PD, NC • Waynesville PD, NC