NCHRC 2015 Legislative Advocacy

Law Enforcement Officer/Public Safety

  • Enhance HB850 to include drug residue
  • Fully decriminalize syringes
  • Provide immunity for people returning used syringes to biohazard collection sites

Enhance 2013's NC SB 20, by including protections for good samaritans by protecting them from charge and arrest for calling 911 at drug overdoses. 

  • Add protections for people on probation and parole who call 911 at drug overdoses
  • Increase the amount of drugs allowed at a drug OD from 1g to 4g
  • Protecting the victim of underage drinking from prosecution
  • Protection from arrest and charge for the overdose victim and the caller at drug overdoses

Naloxone Access

  • Allow for pharmacists to provide naloxone over the counter to patients through a standing order.

Prevent Recidivism and Drug Use

  • Support a statewide ban the box bill to allow people with a history of incarceration the opportunity to work.