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Join our mailing list to get action alerts and information on relevant harm reduction and advocacy issues.  Email Jesse Bennett at jbennett@nchrc.org with the email header of "newsletter" to add yourself to our list.

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NCHRC is always looking for open-minded, committed individuals to join our volunteer team. We offer multiple volunteer and intern opportunities, including in Outreach, Advocacy, Community Engagement, Fundraising and Resource Support, and Newsletter Contribution, or we can work to create a unique position for you. We particularly welcome those with a background of drug use, sex work, incarceration, minorities, and people of transgender experience. To become a volunteer or intern with NCHRC, please contact Jesse Bennett. New volunteer orientation is held monthly.  Please contact NCHRC's Jesse Bennett to check in about orientation times.

Jesse Bennett's Email:  jbennett.nchrc@gmail.com

Call or visit your representative: Let your Voice be heard!

Call or visit your local, regional and state representatives and request that they support syringe decriminalization,  overdose prevention laws, community based overdose prevention programs and access to drug treatment. Please contact Jesse Bennett on coaching on how to do so.

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Read up on our issues in our advocacy section of the website and please contact Jesse Bennett to get fact sheets. 


North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition is a 501(c)(3) organization and is registered as a charitable organization. Donations may be tax deduct- ible in accordance with the rules and regulations of the IRS. To make a donation please contact: Shelisa Howard, 336-543-8050, or Executive.Director@nchrc.org

You can donate online by accessing our paypal page or donating through our paypal account (link here).

You can also donate by making a check out to: North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition and mailing it to: NCHRC, 2154 Wrightsville Avenue, Wilmington, NC 28403