The North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NCHRC), a statewide nonprofit that focuses on public health and disease and overdose prevention.  NCHRC works with law enforcement departments to inform their officers about NC's 2013 Senate Bill 20/ NC's 2015 Senate Bill 154 (overdose prevention law that allows law enforcement to use naloxone on 3rd parties), NC's 2013 House Bill 850/NC 2015 HB 712 (this bill decriminalizes syringes and cracked pipes when people notify a officer they are carrying them to help officers avoid needle sticks) and NC's syringe exchange law (H972 from 2016). If your office is interested, NCHRC can do roll call or longer formalized trainings for your department. NCHRC also has hand-outs and posters available with more information to help spread the word. NCHRC has over 5 years of experience training law enforcement departments on needle stick prevention and overdose prevention and our organization currently is part of the statewide Crisis Intervention Team training circuit, and have trained over 100 departments throughout the state on needle-stick prevention and overdose response.


If you are interested in setting up a training or want more information on the Good Samaritan Law, NC naloxone laws or NC syringe laws., contact our Programs Managers Jesse Bennett at, Loftin Wilson at and/or our LEA Liaison, Mellisia Larson at