North Carolina Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Team

Melissia Larson, Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Coordinator (LEAD-C), NCHRC, Greenville/Fayetteville, NC

Melissia's email:

Melissia's mobile: 252-341-5102

Donnie Varnell Special Law Enforcement Projects Consultant, NCHRC/Dare County Sheriff, Mateo, NC

Donnie's Email:

Donnie's mobile: 336-338-1507

Detective Sergeant Ronald Martin, Harm Reduction Policing Advocate, NCHRC, Raleigh, NC

Contact Melissia Larson to set up contacting Ronald Martin

Lars Paul, Captain, Fayettteville PD, Fayetteville, NC

 Contact Melissia Larson to set up contacting Captain Paul






"LEAD" is a registered trademark held by the Public Defender Association (Seattle) for the Seattle/King County LEAD Policy Coordinating Group.