Summits on Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion


In partnership with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, Leland Police Department and Fayetteville Police Department, the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition will host two regional gatherings on Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD).  The first will take place in Leland, NC on 5/10/2016 (at Leland Town Hall in the Cape Fear Training Room) and the second event will take place in Fayetteville (at Fayetteville PD) on 5/11/2016

The Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program is a community-based diversion approach with the goals of improving public safety and public order, and reducing the criminal behavior of people who participate in the program.

Sign up link and event details are at:


The media, law enforcement and the community are all welcome to attend.


Speakers at the Fayetteville and Leland Events:

·      Kris Nyrop, Seattle Public Defender/Seattle LEAD (WA)

·      Jerome Sanchez, Captain, Santa Fe PD LEAD (NM)

·      Casey Salazar, Detective, Santa Fe PD LEAD (NM)

·      Lars Paul, Captain, Fayetteville PD LEAD (NC)

·      Brendan J. Cox, Chief, Albany PD LEAD (NY)    {Fayetteville Event Only}

·      Donnie Varnell, Retired NC SBI Special Agent in Charge/ Harm Reduction Policing Coordinator at NC Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)

·      Robert Childs, Executive Director of North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)

·      Magalie Lerman, Pre-Booking Diversion Consultant with Open Society (DC)



To learn more about LEAD, go to the following website: