2018 Southern Harm Reduction and Drug Policy Conference


Southern Harm Reduction and Drug Policy Conference 2018 @ Appalachia's Lake Junaluska (Western North Carolina)! 

Pre-Conference (OPTIONAL): 4/23, Option 1- Harm Reduction Administrators Hiking with NCHRC, Option 2- Women of Substance Storytelling Workshop, Option 3-Syringe Exchange Technical Assistance, Option 4-Faith Leaders and Harm Reduction Workshop

Main Conference: 4/24-4/25

Venue: Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center, 91 N. Lakeshore Drive, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745

Event Venue Tel: 828.454.6743

Sign Up Link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScND-MEeTRB_9Yhe9lo2saUp2lcFfvAm_M6E59xP1IYg7HY0w/viewform

  • Registrations are not considered final until payment is received via check or paypal payment

Conference Contact: Mel Rausch, mel@nchrc.org

Conference Prices:
Group 1: Presenters, People Residing in Red States Impacted by the War on Drugs, Transgender People, SSDP Member, HIV/HBV/HCV+ People, People with Scholarships - $40
Group 2: Active Student-$50
Group 3: Person from a Red States/The American South-$100
Group 4: Person from a Northern State- $300

We encourage everyone to stay at the conference hotel (SPECIAL RATE ENDS MARCH 29 at NOON):

  • Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center / 91 North Lakeshore Drive, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745, 1-800-222-4930
    •  To get the special hotel conference rate of $110 per room, call the hotel and ask to be part of the "North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition" room block via 1-800-222-4930.. the special rate ends March 29th at Noon
    • You can also reserve rooms via this link: https://bookings.ihotelier.com/bookings.jsp?groupID=2117649&hotelID=77715
      • Please note that some of the hotel workers do not know our abbreviation (NCHRC), so please use the full agency name when booking.
      • If you have any troubles booking at the hotel, please notify NCHRC's Mel Rausch via  mel@nchrc.org
    • The hotel does charge a $5 fee for people not staying at the hotel to give people a heads up.

Confirmed Speakers (More Coming Soon)

  • Chris Albert, Indiana Recovery Alliance (IN)   
  • Lillie Armstrong, NC State Injury Prevention (NC)
  • Blyth Barnow, Femminary.com (OH)
  • Mona Bennett, Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition (GA)
  • Kaitlyn Boecker, Drug Policy Alliance, (NY)
  • Margaret Bordeaux, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)
  • Hillary Brown, Steady Collective (Western NC)
  • Tessie Castillo, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)
  • Robert Childs, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)
  • Tracey Childers, Western North Carolina AIDS Project (NC)
  • Cyndee Clay, HIPS (DC)
  • Eileen Corcoran, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)
  • Nabarun Dasgupta, Department of Epidemiology- University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (NC)
  • Harry Etheridge, Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition (GA)
  • Brigid Flaherty, Down Home NC (NC)
  • Nora Fuller, AIDS United (DC/NOLA)
  • Jessie Garner, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)
  • Verna Gaines, Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition (GA)
  • Rajani Gudlavaleti, Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition (MD)
  • Bill Hollingsed, Waynesville PD (NC)
  • Liz Mallas, Gilead Sciences (NC)
  • Ronald Martin, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)
  • Colin Miller, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition and Twin City Harm Reduction (NC)
  • William Miller, Bmore-POWER (MD)
  • Dinah Ortiz, Bronx Defenders (NY)
  • Worth Paschal, Cumberland County District Attorney's Office (NC)
  • Kiefer Paterson, National Harm Reduction Coalition (DC)
  • Lars Paul, Fayetteville PD (NC)
  • Laura Pegram, NASTAD (DC)
  • Erica Poellot, National Harm Reduction Coalition (NY)
  • Jennifer Poore, Sycamore Temple HIV/AIDS Ministry (NC)
  • Sue Purchase, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)
  • Daniel Raymond, National Harm Reduction Coalition (NY)
  • Emma Roberts, National Harm Reduction Coalition (NY)
  • Cliff Sanchez, Chicago Recovery Alliance (IL)
  • Edwin Sanders, Metropolitan Interdenominational Church (TN)
  • Roxanne Saucier, Open Society (NC)
  • Glenn Seay, Independent (NC)
  • Jeremy Sharp, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)
  • Louise Vincent, Urban Survivors Union-Greensboro (NC)
  • Ashley Welch, District Attorney for the 30th Judicial District (NC)
  • Loftin Wilson, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NC)
  • Michelle Wright, Drug Policy Alliance (DC)

Food at the Conference

  • You conference admission fee covers your lunch
  • NCHRC will not be covering breakfast or dinner, but will be serving coffee in the AM.  There are many nearby affordable eating venues or options at the hotel for breakfast and dinner.  The hotel's breakfast costs around $10 and Dinner costs around $16.


  • Day 1: 4/23, Monday
    • 10am-5pm
      • Option 1- Harm Reduction Administrators Hike with NCHRC
      • Option 2-Women of Substance Storytelling Workshop
      • Option 3-Syringe Exchange Technical Assistance
      • Option 4-Faith Leaders
    • 6pm-xxxxx: Conference Party, Gore Gore Wrestler Performance at Froggy Level Brewing and Conference Registration!
    • The Gore Gore Wrestlers will perform at 9pm sharp at the brewery.. don't miss out!
  • Day 2:  4/24, Tuesday
    • 9:30am-10am: Welcome
    • 10-Noon: "Race and the War on Drugs" & "Including People Who Use Drugs in Program Planning"
    • Noon-1:30pm: Lunch
    • 1:30pm-3pm: Breakout 1,2,3
      • Working with People Who Use Drugs: Beyond Tokenism (Discussion)
      • Model Syringe Exchange in the South
      • Engaging Criminal Justice Actors in Harm Reduction and Drug Policy Reform
    • 3pm-3:30pm: Break
    • 3:30pm-5pm: Breakout 1,2,3
      • Fentanyl
      • Engaging Media in Harm Reduction/ Responding to Anti Harm Reduction Messaging
      • Faith-Based Reponse to the Overdose Crisis
    • 5pm-7pm: Dinner on your own
    • 7pm-9pm
      • Harm Reduction StorySlam
      • Location: Waynesville Water'n Hole Bar & Grill, 796 N Main St Waynesville NC 28786
      • Description: Have a 5 minute story about how harm reduction has impacted your life? Come out for a social event to share your story or listen and support your fellow harm reductionists! 
  • Day 3: 4/25, Wednesday
    • 9:30am-11:30 Plenary: Moving Beyond Opioids
    • 11:30am-1pm: Lunch
    • 1pm-2pm: Breakout 1,2,3
      • Safe Consumption Rooms
      • Organizing Directly Impacted People (Discussion)
      • Opioid Use in Minority Communities
    • 2pm-2:15pm: Break
    • 2:15pm-3pm: Breakout 1,2,3,4
      • People Who Use Drugs Experience with Treatment (Discussion)
      • Reality-based Drug Education: Smoking, Safer Injection, Fentanyl Test Strips
      • Harm Reduction for Women and the LBGTQI Community
      • Drug Decriminalization in Portugal, Lessons Learned
    • 3pm-3:10pm: Break
    • 3:15pm-3:30pm: Closing Remarks


  • There is no smoking in the rooms, but there are locations outside of the hotel where harm reduction guests can smoke.
  • People will be charged $300 if they smoke in their room, NCHRC will not be responsible for this fee if people choose to smoke in their room.


  • The center is a weapons free campus


  • Behavioral Health Group's Clyde Treatment Center can provide methadone and bupe.... please call ahead to them if you need to set this up.
    • Clyde Treatment Center
    • 414 Hospital Drive  • Clyde, NC 28721 
    • P: 828 454 0560 
    • Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 5:30 am - 4:30 pm  Sat-Sun 7:00 am - 12:00 am 
  • Asheville (25) min away, also has multiple clinics you can go to.  We recommend Western Treatment Center.
    • Western Treatment Center
    • 573 Merrimon Ave #1b, Asheville, NC 28804
    • P: (828) 251-1478


  • Naloxone will be available to anyone who asks, all NCHRC and Steady Collective employees and consultants will be carrying it if you need any.

Syringe Exchange.... There are multiple syringe exchanges in the area

  • NCHRC-Haywood
    • Mobile
    • Eileen Corcoran 
    • More details soon
  • The Steady Collective
    • Mobile; peer-based
    • Hillary Brown, Michel Guicheney
    • steady@thesteadycollective.org
    • Tuesdays 10-1 at 297 Haywood St. and 1:30 to 4 at 610 Haywood Rd
    • Wednesday 12-3 at 610 Haywood Rd
  • Western North Carolina AIDS Project
    • Fixed; mobile
    • Michael Harney
    • (828) 252-7489 ext. 311
    • wncap@wncap.org
    • 554 Fairview Rd.
    • Asheville, NC 28803
  • Western North Carolina AIDS Project & Full Circle Recovery Center
    • Fixed
    • Stephanie Almeida
    • (828) 475-1920
    • Call or text at (617) 828-9184
    • stephanie@wncap.org
    • 3261 Georgia Road
    • Franklin, NC 28734