Community Member Access: CURRENT STATUS: ACTIVE DRUG USERS AND SEX WORKERS ONLY due to a supply shortage (Jan 2020 should return to normal)


While NCHRC would like to distribute free overdose rescue kits to everyone, the realities of a limited budget require our agency to prioritize people with a high risk for overdose. Free overdose rescue kits are only available to the following groups of people; current and former drug users, people engaged in sex work, people on medication-assisted treatment, individuals leaving detox, treatment, and/or jail or prison, people who identify as transgender, and family members who have someone living with them at an increased risk for an overdose

If we are low on supplies, we will prioritize active drug users.

If you fit these criteria and would like access to a kit, please contact Jesse Bennett

Jesse's email:



Law Enforcement Access:


NCHRC has a limited amount of kits earmarked for law enforcement.  

If you represent a law enforcement department and would like to see if you qualify for free naloxone kits, please contact Melissia Larson

Melissia's email:

Melissia's mobile: 252-341-5102

NCHRC has more tools for law enforcement in our law enforcement section of our website.