Syringe Decriminalization/Syringe Exchange Program (SEP) Advocacy

  • 2025 Syringe Decriminalization/SEP Coalition quality contacts
  • 182 coalition advocacy events/meetings
  • 32 meetings between NC Representatives and NCHRC
  • Delivery of educational materials to all 170 legislators in the NC House and Senate
  • HIV/AIDS Advocacy Day on May 25, 2010, had 223 join us to advocate for SEPs and Syringe Decriminalization
  • 1015 signatures to legalize syringe exchange in NC through our online and in person petitions



NCHRC is currently organizing U.S. Armed Services Veterans and Reservists, Migrant Laborers, People of Transgender Experience and people with with a history of Drug Use and Sex Workers to advocate for safer syringe access pro- grams and more sane overdose prevention laws in North Carolina.


Harm Reduction/ Syringe Decriminalization/SEP Advocacy



  • 2386 Contacts
  • 78 Trainings/Seminars/Sessions


Street Based Harm Reduction Outreach

  • 3485 contacts
  • 58 outreach events


Hepatitis and Overdose Prevention Trainings/Seminars

  • 1479 Contacts
  • 39 Trainings/Seminars


HIV Testing

  • 102 HIV tests for NC Sex Workers, IDUs, and Crack Smokers
  • 28 Testing Events


Completed a Biohazard and Pharmacy Study in Durham, NC in Partnership with Duke Nursing School

  • 64% or 32 of 50 pharmacies claimed to be willing to sell syringes to IDUs
  • 20% or 9 of 45 will collect biohazard
  • Data was collected via in person (20%) and on phone (80%)


Support Groups

NCHRC is currently running a support group for people of Transgender Experience in Chapel Hill and Raleigh and a Hepatitis Support Group in Winston Salem


Sharp Report

  • We aided in the writing of a solid write up in the SHARP (State Healthcare Access Research Project) report for the need of harm reduction services in NC.
  • This report will be utilized by the NC Health Department, Policy Makers and Law Makers
  • This report is an Analysis of the Successes, Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Healthcare Access for people with HIV in NC
  • This report was prepared by Harvard Law School


Syringe Access Program Media Campaign

  • NCHRC received free advertising space in the Independent to educate the public on the benefit of syringe access programs in September 2010
  • NCHRC posted an ad in May 2010 in the Independent to educate the public on SEPs
  • NCHRC actively submits letters to the editor in NC papers
  • NCHRC is working with some film makers to make a documentary on the HIV
    advocacy movement in NC
  • NCHRC actively posts items to facebook to illustrate the need for Syringe Access Programs in NC
  • NCHRC will engage in a blogging campaign in October 2010 to highlight Syringe Access issues in NC
  • NCHRC has sent letters to Newspaper editors and news agencies requesting more coverage for Syringe.


Improved use of Facebook to communicate via social media

  • We have expanded facebook membership to 470 people Membership
  • Developed comprehensive membership list-serve of 1350 active supporters



Developed comprehensive membership list-serve of 1350 active supporters


NCHRC presented 8 Seminars at the National Harm Reduction Conference

  • NCHRC board member Bill Zule will present on Low Dead Space Syringes
  • Nab Dasgupta board member presented and facilitated meetings on Overdose Prevention
  • Robert Childs and Corey Davis presented on implementing harm reduction programs in North Carolina and using BBQ as a tool to perform risk reduction interventions and organize drug users and sex workers.
  • Robert Childs and Jon Sands presented on utilizing spoken word poetry to empower people who use drugs and do sex work.
  • Robert Childs and Corey Davis presented on providing effective harm reduc- tion services in the South and how to organize Southern Drug Users and Sex Workers


NCHRC presented a Seminar at the North Carolina Equality Conference

NCHRC will present on the importance of syringe access for people of transgender experience and how we can mobilize to create new legislation to benefit them.


NCHRC ART SHOW (May 14th and 15th, 2010)

50 contacts


NCHRC Harm Reduction Poetry and Music Shows at Perched and Nested and other non-profits

117 total arts contacts