o   NCHRC Executive Director Robert Childs named by “theBody.com” as one of 5 people of note in HIV in the US

o   NCHRC Executive Director Robert Childs presented in front of UN on laws that encourage the transmission of HIV in the South

  Advocacy Activities (Coalition Meetings, Legislative Visits, Legislative Phone Calls, Advocacy Trainings, etc.)

o   Events: 412

o   People Reached: 3122

o  Connecting 85 legislators with their constituents and a NCHRC ally to discuss syringe decrim

o  Advocated for House Bill 601's introduction, a bill to decriminalize syringes in NC 


o   Outreach Events: 95

o   Outreach Contacts: 3730 

 Overdose Prevention and Hepatitis C Workshops

o   Trainings: 52

o   People Reached: 1350

 Syringe Decriminalization/Harm Reduction Education Group

o   Trainings: 114

o   People Reached: 1988


o   NCHRC featured in 37 different news sources

o   Premier of NCHRC video series: Testify: Why we need Harm Reduction in the South

o   Increased our blogging presence on Blue NC, Daily Kos & Orange Politics

o   NCHRC Harm Reduction Coordinator Tessie Castillo producing high quality coverage of harm reduction news issues

o   Strong ties with the Mountain Express, the Independent and WUNC

o   New Website 

Regional and North Carolina Events

o   HIV/Syringe Decriminalization Advocacy Day: 190 people

o   Southern Harm Reduction Conference: 200 people

o   Sex Work Summit: 94 people


o   Facebook: 636

o   Twitter: 904

o   Listserve: 2300

HIV Testing

o   Events: 36

o   People Reached: 255

o   Positives: 2

o   Seropositivity Rate: .78%

HCV Testing

o   Seropositivity Rate:  26.7%

o   Highlights: We are the first program to do oral rapid testing in the SE


o   Partnering with HRW to publish HRW report on harm reduction in North Carolina called, “We know what to do”

o   NCHRC is currently working with Officer Jen Earls to publish syringe decrim guide for law enforcement (to be completed in Jan 2012)

Law Enforcement Work

o   Hired Jen Earls as NCHRC’s New Law Enforcement Safety Advocate

o   Trained members of 18 different departments during 2011

o   Completed Law Enforcement Attitudes Survey with the Asheville Police Department

o   Have meeting with head of the NC CIT on Jan 31, 2012, Looking to expand our training statewide

o   Jen Earls completing an essay on an officer’s perspective to getting a needlestick

o   Earls, Childs and Castillo working on syringe decrim and officer safety guide for law enforcement