Advocacy Meetings and Actions: 259

Advocacy Contacts: 5260

Legislative Visits and Call Actions: 252

Legislative Contacts: 1027


Media Work:

NCHRC was featured in 369 media pieces


Law Enforcement:

Law Enforcement Training Encounters: 69

Law Enforcement Officers Trained: 706


Direct Services:

Outreach Sessions: 111

Outreach Encounters: 5618


Harm Reduction Education Sessions: 53

People trained on Harm Reduction: 2005


Overdose Prevention and Hepatitis Education Sessions: 52

People trained in Overdose Prevention and Hepatitis Education: 1401


Harm Reduction Support Groups and Meetings: 122

People Attending Harm Reduction Support Groups and Meetings: 1098


Hepatits C Testing Events: 31

Hepatitis C Tests Administered: 256

Hepatitis C Positives: 38


HIV Testing Events: 19

People Tested for HIV: 115

HIV Positives: 1