Organizational growth (financial and program growth) and current funding


NCHRC is a fiscally and programmatically sound and growing agency. Since 2009 NCHRC has diversified its funding stream from 6 to 12 funding sources. With this increase in program funding NCHRC has been able to build upon its programming from 2009 that included syringe exchange advocacy and hepatitis education to include: law enforcement syringe decriminalization advocacy; hepatitis, drug user and transgender support groups; harm reduction arts empowerment programs; overdose prevention programming; expanded street outreach and education; HIV and hepatitis C testing and counseling; sex worker health services and advocacy; farmworker syringe education programs; enhanced coalition building; crack user risk reduction programs; and building upon our referral network (including drug, HIV and hepatitis treatment).


Funding Growth

2008: $114,929

2009: $128,097

2010: $168,449

2011: $163,080

2012: $234,269
2013: $290,000


Employee/Contractor Growth