NCHRC Programs and Services


NCHRC provides the following programs and services:

  • Syringe Exchange Programs in Wilmington, Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Henderson, Waynesville and Havelock
  • Harm reduction, syringe decriminalization, fair hiring (ban the box), overdose prevention advocacy, criminal justice reform advocacy and drug policy reform advocacy
  • Harm Reduction focused legislative advocacy (NCHRC successfully advocated for the passage of first Republican naloxone bill in US history (NC's SB20 in 2013), the first Republican Good Samaritan/Naloxone combo bill (NC's SB20 in 2013), the first Republican partial syringe decrim bill in US history (NC's HB850 in 2013), a bill expanding 911 Good Samaritan protections to people on probation and parole and allows pharmacies to dispense naloxone through a standing order (NC's SB154 in 2015), the first Republican bill to partially decriminalize drug residue in syringes and set up biohazard collection programs (NC's HB712), Georgia's Good Samaritan/Naloxone bill (HB965 in 2014) and syringe exchange legislation in NC (an ammendment on HB972).
  • Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) (NCHRC is partnering with Fayetteville PD, Wilmington PD, Statesville PD and Waynesville PD  LEAD projects)
  • Law enforcement needlestick reduction and overdose prevention advocacy and training
  • Law enforcement technical assistance on naloxone programming and post overdose response programming.
  • Law enforcement organizing: empower active duty law enforcement to participate in legislative advocacy and peer to peer promotion of harm reduction based services.
  • Harm Reduction outreach and services 
  • Overdose prevention clinic, naloxone access and overdose prevention programming (NCHRC runs the South's largest community naloxone distribution network)
  • Implementation of NC's, South Carolina and Georgia's harm reduction laws (2013's NC HB850, 2013's NC SB20, 2015's NC SB157, NC 2015's HB712, 2015's SC HB3083, 2014's GA HB965, 2016's NC HB972-SEP Amendment, 2017's HB243)
  • Transgender, drug user and Hepatitis C support/advocacy groups
  • User group support and education
  • Sex Worker risk reduction programing
  • Hepatitis C counseling, rapid testing and referral services
  • Corrections services: train people living and residing in corrections with trainings on overdose prevention, naloxone access, harm reduction and hepatitis
  • Pharmacy services: assist pharmacies set up naloxone distribution programs.
  • Neighborhood biohazard cleanup
  • Free workshops and training on: Protecting Police and Public Servants from Needlesticks, Overdose Prevention Utilizing Naloxone, Harm Reduction, Drug Use Risk Reduction, Hepatitis, HIV, Overdose Prevention, SEPs, Working with People of Transgender Experience, Biohazard Collection and Working with Sex Workers
  • Safer sex education, including utilization of the reality condom (aka the female condom)
  • Referrals to drug treatment, health services, mental health services, sexual assault support agencies, domestic violence support services, hepatitis medical services and AIDS service agencies

All services are provided in a non-judgmental manner without regard to gender, culture, language, sexuality, immigration status, lifestyle choice or life experience